Lifetime extensions

As the wind turbine fleet ages, many turbines are approaching or exeeding their design life.

At A1wind we offer lifetime extensions packages on turbines up to 3MW, we have gained more than 10 years of experience and knowhow carrying out lifetime extensions. We typically fully refurbish the gearbox, generator, main shaft and yaw system, we repair and refurbish the blades, paint the nacelle bedframe and upgrade faulty or outdated control systems with state of the art technology ensuring the turbines are ready for many more years of generation.

We have 8000m2 workshop available with a 100T crane capacity available and 50.000m2 of outside storage facilities available, making no job too big for us to handle

All lifetime extensions packages are provided with a 2 years warranty

Refurbished nacelle's are installed in countries such as...

USA-Hawaii, Sibiria, Canada, Japan, Italy, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, etc.

List of Nacelle refurbishments:
  • Bonus/Siemens: B150, B300, B500, B600, B1000
  • Micon: M450, M530, M600, M750, M1500, M1800, NM43, NM44, NM48, NM52, NTK130, NTK150, NTK300
  • Vestas: V17, V19, V25, V27, V29, WD34, V39, V42, V44, V47, V52, V66, V80
  • Wind World: WW2460, WW2700, WW2920, WW3700, WW4200