Main component replacements

At A1Wind we have extensive knowhow in how to safely and effectively manage main component replacements and heavy lifting operations. To date we have replaced more than 900 main components which consists of blades, hubs, mainshafts, gearboxes, generators and transformers. We have experience from both Offshore in jack-up operations and from onshore with large mobile cranes.

Repair and refurbishment of main components

At A1Wind we provide the following services...
  • Disassembling main components
  • Failure analysis
  • Providing reports for insurance cases
  • Evaluation of failures and damages
  • Refurbishment of parts for re-use
  • Replacement of defect parts
  • Replacement of bearings, gear wheels, shafts etc.

Wind turbine spare parts

At A1Wind we have a large group of suppliers of wind turbine spare parts, bearings and lubricants. We only supply original high quality spare parts.

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Second-hand spare parts

A1Wind can offer a large selection of second-hand spare parts available for the following wind turbines:
  • Vestas V17 to V80
  • Micon M450 to NM52
  • Nordtank NTK130 to NTK300
  • Bonus/Siemens B150 to B1000
  • Wind world WW2460 to WW4200
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