About A1Wind

A1Wind was founded in 2016 by Martin Ove Jensen, after having worked 20 years for the worlds largest wind turbine manufacturer Martin wanted to offer experience and knowhow to the fast growing wind industry

During the past 20 years Martin have positioned...

Head of Service readiness V164 – 8MW (MHIVestas)
  • Headed the development of the O&M organization for the first V164 - 8MW Offshore Wind Farm in the UK
Head of Offshore Service Scandinavia (MHIVestas)
  • Headed the Offshore operations in Scandinavia
  • Was in charge of the recruitment, development and daily operation of the Scandinavian region, this included the responsibility for operating the very first 8MW prototype turbine at the test center at Østerild - Denmark)
Regional Service Manager Benelux & Denmark (Vestas Offshore)
  • Responsible for the Offshore operations in Benelux and Denmark
  • Was put in charge of implementing the very first hotel vessel service concept for a far Offshore Wind Farms in Belgium. Established a service center with offices and warehousing in Oostende Belgium with the purpose of managing multiple Offshore Wind Farms (far offshore and near shore)
Senior People Resource Manager (Vestas Offshore)
  • Resposible for the people resource department in Offshore Operations, the department supported both the construction department and service department with technical resources and consisted of Offshore supervisors, Offshore wind turbine technicians and management of the sub contractors hired in to support turbine installation and service
Offshore Operations Manager (Vestas Offshore)
  • Operations manager and commissioning manager for multiple Offshore Wind Farms in UK